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Barrington, D. J., Robinson, H. J., Wilson, E., & Hennegan, J. (2021). Experiences of menstruation in high income countries: A systematic review, qualitative evidence synthesis and comparison to low-and middle-income countries. Plos one, 16(7), e0255001.

Mentioned in: Dr Dani Barrington

de Oliveira, M., De Sibio, M. T., Mathias, L. S., Rodrigues, B. M., Sakalem, M. E., & Nogueira, C. R. (2020). Irisin modulates genes associated with severe coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outcome in human subcutaneous adipocytes cell culture. Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology, 515, 110917.

Mentioned in: Dr Sabine Bird

Tocmo, R., Pena-Fronteras, J., Calumba, K. F., Mendoza, M., & Johnson, J. (2020). Valorization of pomelo (Citrus grandis Osbeck) peel: A review of current utilization, phytochemistry, bioactivities, and mechanisms of action. Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety, 19.

Mentioned in: Kriza Calumba

Lourenco, M. V., Frozza, R. L., de Freitas, G. B., Zhang, H., Kincheski, G. C., Ribeiro, F. C., Gonçalves, R. A., Clarke, J. R., Beckman, D., Staniszewski, A., Berman, H., Guerra, L. A., Forny-Germano, L., Meier, S., Wilcock, D. M., de Souza, J. M., Alves-Leon, S., Prado, V. F., Prado, M. A. M., ...De Felice, F. G. (2019). Exercise-linked FNDC5/irisin rescues synaptic plasticity and memory defects in Alzheimer's models. Nature Medicine, 25(1), 165--175.

Mentioned in: Dr Sabine Bird

Williams, A. J., Eigenbrode, J., Floyd, M., Wilhelm, M. B., O'Reilly, S., Johnson, S. S., Craft, K. L., Knudson, C. A., Andrejkovičová, S., Lewis, J. M. T., Buch, A., Glavin, D. P., Freissinet, C., Williams, R. H., Szopa, C., Millan, M., Summons, R. E., McAdam, A., Benison, K., ...Mahaffy, P. R. (2019). Recovery of Fatty Acids from Mineralogic Mars Analogs by TMAH Thermochemolysis for the Sample Analysis at Mars Wet Chemistry Experiment on the Curiosity Rover. Astrobiology, 19(4), 522--546.

Mentioned in: Keri Bean

Teh, S., Rosma, A., Wan Nadiah, W., & Liong, M. (2009). Evaluation of Agrowastes as Immobilizers for Probiotics in Soy Milk. Journal of agricultural and food chemistry, 57, 10187--98.

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