Genetic Counselling & DNA with Kira Dineen

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Kira Dineen is a genetic counsellor and podcaster who is passionate about science communication. Through Kira's main show DNA Today, she makes information about genetic technology, disorders, and news accessible to the world. Join us as we talk about Kira's journey to genetics, genetic counselling, and what we can and can't learn from DNA testing kits.

About Kira Dineen

Kira Dineen, MS, LCGC, CG(ASCP)CM, has a decade of podcast experience fueled by a passion for science communication. She has hosted and produced 6 podcasts. Her main show, “DNA Today”, is in the top 1% of podcasts globally. Listeners Discover New Advances in the world of genetics through Kira’s interviews about genetic technology, disorders, and news. The show won the Best 2020 and 2021 Science and Medicine Podcast Awards. “DNA Today” has produced nearly 200 episodes.

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Show Notes

[00:01:27] Kira's affinity for the field of genetics.
[00:04:19] Where Kira saw herself in the field.
[00:04:52] Labs are not the only career path in genetics.
[00:07:11] The value of shadowing.
[00:08:11] Hear from or speak to people in the field and ask questions.
[00:08:52] We need a career speed-dating service.
[00:10:03] What is genetic counselling?
[00:13:42] When would you start the process of speaking with a genetic counsellor?
[00:16:41] The two general categories of genetic conditions.
[00:21:15] How Direct-to-Consumer DNA testing kits work.
[00:24:14] Individual hotspots vs polygenic risk scores.
[00:26:46] Our understanding will become more refined as we gather more data.
[00:30:04] Kira's podcasting journey.
[00:36:26] Podcasting opens doors and creates connection.
[00:39:53] Why science communication is important to Kira.
[00:46:39] Bonus Question 1: What hobby or interest do you have that is least related to your field of work?
[00:47:30] Bonus Question 2: Which childhood book holds the strongest memories for you?
[00:48:47] Bonus Question 3: What advice would you give someone who wants to do what you do? And what advice should they ignore?

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