Episodes: mathematics

The interconnectedness of seemingly disparate things

The interconnectedness of seemingly disparate things with Laura Langdon

It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. But for today's guest, it's about both. Laura Langdon is a developer advocate who has the pleasure of combining her explorations and experience in theatre, computer science, mathematics, education, and data science into a role that rolls all of that into one perfect package. Join us as we speak of about Laura's experience in education, and the beauty of the interconnectedness of seemingly disparate things.

Inquiry-based Learning and the Impact of Educators

Inquiry-based Learning and the Impact of Educators with Anna Ritzema

Anna Ritzema is a STEM educator, and a primary programs and STEM innovations manager in rural and regional Western Australia. Join us as we talk about inquiry based learning, and how we can guide students through their curiosity, and help them to succeed.

Cultivating STEMM and Entrepreneurial Life Skills

Cultivating STEMM and Entrepreneurial Life Skills with Dr Jenine Beekhuyzen

Dr Jenine Beekhuyzen is a futurist, and Founder and CEO of Tech Girls Movement Foundation. She is also a champion of tech entrepreneurship, and an advocate for technological innovation and diversity in STEMM fields. Join us as we talk about Tech Girls Movement Foundation, cultivating an interest in STEMM, and teaching young girls life skills through entrepreneurship.

Data in Context

Data in Context with Dr Audrey Lobo-Pulo

Audrey Lobo-Pulo is a liminal technologist who is passionate about how technology may be designed for better government and societal outcomes, and how information evolves and flows within society. Join us as we talk about context and resilience, and how we approach living systems.

Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace Engineering with Dr Marsha Tufft

Dr Marsha Tufft is a mechanical, aerospace, and materials engineer who has had a fascinating career with GE Aviation, and is now working on helping kids succeed in STEM through outreach and her middle school fiction books about a young girl named Putney and her STEM adventures. Join us as we talk about Marsha's engineering journey, Putney's World, and underwater hockey.

Computational Astrophysics and kilonovae

Computational Astrophysics and kilonovae with Dr Heloise F. Stevance

Dr Heloise F. Stevance is a computational astrophysicist who studies stellar evolution and how massive stars live and die, specifically the ones that die as kilonovae. Join us as we talk about stellar evolution, kilonovae, and roller derby.

Data visualisation

Data visualisation with Annette Hester

Annette Hester is an economist, policy strategist, and data and digital innovator who has worked with governments, think tanks, and other multilateral institutions. She heads TheHesterView where they use data visualisation to meaningfully interpret and communicate the wealth of data we have available to us in ways that can inform and advise strategic policy. Join us as we talk about how data visualisation can lead to a wiser and kinder world, and Annette's unique journey to data sciences.

Publishing and science communication

Publishing and science communication with Jasmine Fellows

Jasmine Fellows is Editor of Double Helix, CSIRO's STEM magazine for young readers. Join us as we talk about Double Helix, her love of music, and CSIRO's new book More Hands-On Science.

Spatial Point Modelling
04 Sep 2020

Spatial Point Modelling with Prof Janine Illian

Professor Janine Illian is Chair in Statistical Sciences at the University of Glasgow and author of “Statistical Analysis and Modelling of Spatial Point Patterns", the current standard work on point process modelling. Her spatial modelling research has been applied to the fields of ecological biodiversity, crime and terrorism modelling, and earthquake forecasting. Join us as we talk about spatial point modelling and its applications in the areas of ecology, orangutan populations, and COVID.