Biomedical to software engineering and paying our experiences forward through mentoring with Krithika Chandramouli

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If you can't decide between two career paths, try exploring both. Krithika Chandramouli found biomedical engineering to be a sweet spot between health sciences and technology and was able to explore both pursuits before she found her way to software engineering. Join us as we speak about Krithika's path to software engineering, contributing back to the community through her work and mentorship, and going from a love-hate relationship with running to completing a half-marathon.

About Krithika Chandramouli

Krithika Chandramouli is a Software Engineer at Meta. She comes with over 8 years of experience working in a range of industries like video streaming services, fintech, and social media. She is an expert on JS and full stack engineering, and is a technical and thought leader. She thrives when she is working on solving complex people problems that lead to innovation in products. She mentors young professionals, especially women, in the areas of career development in the tech industry. Outside work, Krithika is a runner, rows crew, practices Vipassana for mindfulness, a Veena player and an aspiring writer!

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(00:00:56) Biomedical engineering is the sweet spot between health sciences and technology when deciding whether to pursue med or tech.
(00:03:30) The opportunity to study a broad range of subjects.
(00:04:33) Bioengineering and nano drug delivery.
(00:06:28) Being drawn to wearable medical technology.
(00:09:05) Krithika’s path to computer science through wearables.
(00:09:50) Crowdsourced labelling and gamification of medical images.
(00:11:38) Observations of the human element of crowdsourcing data.
(00:14:10) A desire to use her skills to give back to the community.
(00:16:16) Building tools to help build communities at Meta.
(00:18:58) Buy Nothing groups and the importance of community in times of crisis.
(00:21:26) Krithika’s passion for mentoring and career development. Wanting to pay it forward.
(00:22:43) Finding mentors.
(00:26:59) Nerdy Girl Success.
(00:27:43) Becoming a mentor or advisor in organisations like Nerdy Girl Success.
(00:31:34) Bonus Question 1: What hobby or interest do you have that is most unrelated to your field of work?
(00:31:38) Running and marathons.
(00:34:39) With a love/hate relationship with running, why a half-marathon?
(00:38:02) Bonus Question 2: Which childhood book holds the strongest memories for you?
(00:38:14) “A Thousand Splendid Suns” by Khaled Hosseini and reflections on who and where we are in this world.
(00:40:53) Kumar, R. (2022, Nov 1). The enduring sexism of India’s tech industry. Rest of World.
(00:42:58) Bonus Question 3: What advice you would give someone who wants to do what you do? Or what advice should they ignore?
(00:43:03) Advice for Life: Be bold.
(00:45:08) Reflect on your own qualities, skills, and objectives, and be intentional about it.
(00:49:56) Finding out more about Krithika.


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